Spordiac Excel message box after running macro

Hi Guys,

In my project, i 'm invoking the macro enabled files in a folder. It would roughly have around 10 - 12 files.
After each file is run, there will be a message box confirming the execution of that particular excel file.

I have handled those popups by using On element appear parallel activities.

Problem here is for every 2nd or 3rd file, the bot is not handling the popup. In addition to that, it neither throws an exception nor Timed out. It runs until i kill the job.

Have anybody encountered such issue.? Any help on this will be of great help. Thanks!

PS: I will not be able to share the workflow here.



Could you check the selector of that pop up’s and replace variable part of selector with wildacards and make it dynamic. Then it should work.

It is dynamic.
If i m running for 10 files, it works for first 2 and falters in the 3rd … similarly it executes 4th and 5th… fails for the 6th… .I dont think it has something to do with selectors since it works well for the previous files…

If you think there is a mandatory message box(s) confirming execution of the file then why don’t you just use a normal click instead ?
Set continue on error property = true if you think some may not have those pop-ups.