Splitting one excel file to multiple excel files

Hello every one

Here i have one excel file with 100 records , i want to split this file to 10 excel files with 10 records each is there any way to execute with out using Linq query


Can you try with below query?

var Rows = yourDt.AsEnumerable().Take(10).CopyToDatatable

or you can follow below approach

read sheet
create boolean variable here boolNotTen = True
while boolNotTen {
if dt.rows.count > 10 {
take only 10 rows by reading same sheet A1:B10
delete range A1:B10
you will have 90 rows in sheet
create new excel and provide 10 rows dt
read remaining rows
set boolean variable to false
boolNotTen = False // will be out of loop



Thank you sir​:+1::+1::+1:

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