Splitting Multiple Strings By Symbol

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Having issues splitting multiple strings by a symbol e.g &AB_4321 BA_1234 CD_9876&

I’m trying to split the content with the “&” symbol and extract the information pre and post “_”.

I’ve attempted using the traditional split string method although the volume of information contained within the “&” symbol varies I.e. sometimes there may be one piece of information and other times there maybe ten. Any suggestions on how to dynamically extract this information would be great! Thanks


You can get the first and last index of & symbol and then give the index number while splitting. This way you’ll get whole string between & symbol. Later on , split using _ symbol to get the strings.


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here you go with a xaml
hope its resolved
splitt.zip (9.7 KB)

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Thank you @Palaniyappan. This workflow worked - Thank you so much! Hope you have a good day!

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Thank you for the quick reply @singhonkar - Your information is very helpful

Cheers @DJC

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