Splitting Issue showing system.string[]

i extract data from a fake name generator . in which full name is extract. but i want to split in FirstName and LastName. so i use split function to split . but it does not work properly and showing error which i mention in screen shot. Please provide me help as soon as possible.


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You will need to print the variable using the FirstName(0) or (1)…

if this doesn’t work use the following:
Variable.Split({" "},StringSplitOptions.None)

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@Muhammad_Jahangirwhich conditions have you applied for splitting.

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hi @Muhammad_Jahangir

the split function returns the output in array so you must change the variable FirstName from string to array of string.

And use Variable.Split({“/”},StringSplitOptions.None) as split variable.

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ok dear:blush: i’ll try

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@Muhammad_Jahangir Try below solution and let me know

      Assign FirstName = Full_Name.Split(" ".ToCharArray)(0)
      Assign LastName =  Full_Name.Split(" ".ToCharArray)(1)

Not working dear

@Muhammad_Jahangir What error you are facing

Thanks for your replying but not working


what error is it showing?

this error


see dear

@Muhammad_Jahangir Can you attach your workflow

Check it Dear
Main.xaml (74.0 KB)

hi @Muhammad_Jahangir

instead of using Full_Name.Split(" ".ToCharArray)(1) use First_Name.Split({" "},StringSplitOptions.None) this will split whole the string into array of string and you can easily extract the firstname and lastname.

Achal Sharma

@Muhammad_Jahangir Here you go with xaml Main (5).xaml (74.6 KB) .Let me know for further help

Dear First Name is not Declared. Because i get FullName from extraction like( abcd j cdef) this is full name now i want to split into firstName like(abcd) and lastName (j) etc


Here j is a middle name and cdef is a last name

hi @Muhammad_Jahangir

so the split will be like this:

fullname.Split({" "},StringsSplitOptions.None)

this will split the full name in array of string str.
and firstname= str(0).tostring and lastname= str(1).tostring

Achal Sharma

Thanks a lot :blush: @indra