Splitting HouseAddress

Hi! I’m reading a CSV-file that includes address like this:
Testaddress 18 B - H0201

I need to split it into:
StreetName: testaddress
HouseNumber: 18
HouseLetter: B
apartment number: H0101

I’m then gonna paste the different values into a program so i need the values seperate.
Anyone got some bright ideas.


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Check as below

Split.xaml (6.1 KB)

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Hi again! Thanks for the awesome and quick reply.

It solved my problem, but a new one arrived. Let’s say the StreetName: Test address
The StreetName needs to be ‘Test address’

Some of the addresses might contain several words, while others might just have one.
I was thinking to use Regex to separate numbers and letters? Tried to upload my workfile, but was not allowed since i’m a new user.


Share to google drive and you can share the link


Found the solution my self. Thanks anyway.