Splitting excels into different rows

Hi there everyone!

I have a question of splitting the data obtained from UI Path using UI Path.


As seen above, the data is summarized into one cell. However, I want it to be in a different row.

Hope all of you can provide me your insights on this. Thank you so much!

Hi @Jin_Qian

Please refer this post,it is similar to your query Instead of get full text use read cell and store the output and follow remaining steps,


Hi @Jin_Qian

Use Build datable to build the headers

Then Split the input based on environment.newline

Then use for each of split

add datarow activity and pass the item inside the array row
like below

Then write range


Hi there @prasath_S.

Thank you for your swift reply. I have used it but to no avail sadly. :frowning:

Nonetheless, thank you so much!


Is there any error you are getting or the output is wrong?


Hi @pravin_calvin

Thank you for your reply. I have solved the issue with your help.

Thank you so much!

Hi @Jin_Qian

Please mark the solution to the post which you prefer as useful and close the thread so that it may be helpful to others who searches Similar!

Happy Automation!