Splitting an output

I was able to extract info from a gmail subject line. Now I need to split the numbers I’ve extracted. For example my extract looks like this 123456, 98765, 54674. I need to have it extract what is between commas so that I can then take each number and input them into a website


Welcome to our uipath community. You can split it based on comma as delimiter.

inputStr = “123456, 98765, 54674”

        firstStr = inputStr.Split(","c)(0)
        secondStr = inputStr.Split(","c)(1)
        thirdStr = inputStr.Split(","c)(2)
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Thank you!!!

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How would I handle this if I don’t know how many numbers it will have to split? For example, it could be 3 numbers for ex: 123456, 98765, 76532 that need to be split or it could be more (or less). For ex: 123456, 98765, 76532, 45677, 543567. Also, there will be time where it won’t have to be split (if there is only one number it won’t require splitting)

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