Splitting an excel column by % value?

Sorry, I’m a beginner to programming & uipath in general.

Basically, I have an excel column of percentages, for example


And so on, and what I am trying to do is use a switch activity to split by 4 brackets, 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75%>

and this is becoming quite the headscratcher for me.

I’ve tried going by string values and was unsuccessful, and if I try to convert the variable from the excel import to an integer it doesn’t like that either ( I’m guessing because the “.” & “%” make it a string only value? )

Is converting to integer the correct way to do this ? and if so how would I do that?


Hi @Zak_Cooper,

Convert to double or decimal is the way to do it.I tried the in switch case activity. But can not able to provide the range value . I have tried it by if. Below I have attached the sample for you.

File : Zak_Cooper.zip (8.9 KB)


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That is so perfect thank you so much!

You’ve answered more then what I asked, I’m extremely grateful.