Splitting a string on several different seperators

I have a column in an excel file with a bunch of dates, that won’t be parsed as dates. Therefore I have to split them, reassemble them, and convert them to dates. Dates can be in many formats like 1/1/2020, 1-1-2020 or even 1.1.2020.

I wish to be able to seperate the string on all these seperators, that is backslash, hyphen and dot. I am aware that I could use and if statement, or a switch, to check what the seperator is, but I feel like it’s too messy. I’ve tried using the split string activity from the microsoft package, but it dosn’t really work, see screenshot.

Thank you!


Can you try the following expression?


If you want to split it by any non-numeric character, the following will also work.



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