Split the value from the large string

Hi all .
I have a string like
“Global Indemnity IA
case” like this and I want to get only " Global Indemnity IA ". so what can I do?
please help me.

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Hi @arpita2

Buddy save this two line of string to a variable of type string

out_variable = “Global Indemnity IA

To get the first line a strings use like the below buddy

out_variable = out_variable.split(Environment.Newline.Toarray(),StringSplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(0).ToString

or if its a single line like “Global Indemnity IA case”

Out_Variable = “Global Indemnity IA case”
Out_Variable = split(Out_Variable," case")(0).ToString

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Hi @arpita2

You can go through this video to know about split string


thanks @Palaniyappan
for your help.

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Cheers buddy

keep going

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