Split the date, time, messages,names as variables

i need to split the date, time, name , messages from a telegram group i need the upcoming messages also the sample sequence is attached belowSequence2.xaml (9.3 KB)

Any one please help me with this!

what you are trying extract and give us a sample string format!

name = pravin
date= 28/01/2020
time= [04:28 PM]
message= hi this is pravin
want like this format

can you give us a sample string?

you mean that text file?


U’ve already created the question before and posting here with different username

sample.txt (4.5 KB)

this format the messages will comes from iterating the for each loop

future the messages will be added but its of string only

dont create duplicate topics! @pravin_calvin

sorry! but i want solution for this @Pradeep_Shiv

this expression will give you pravin .*(?=created the group)

there are so many dates and so many times can you please mention which one you want exactly

I want all the messages as variable date as a variable time as a variable and name as a variable its a result from a for each row

from the iteration it has to store data as variable, time as variable , and name as variable and messages as variable

i got it bro!
can you please mention which particular date and time you need from the text?

for every messages that the user has sended there is a [05:15 PM] followed by name and( :slight_smile: separates the messages if the user has sended the messages i data scraped the messages and used the for each row to iterate the messages if the new message comes means its first with the date and next with time and next with the messages i have to assign the date as a variable time as a variable and name as a variable and message as a variable thats is what i exactly needed

sorry the above message as smile thats actually a colon

the text file is the format the the messages comes as an output from the data scraping