Split String?

Hi. I want to know how can I Do to obtain of String:
“The selected country is Spain”
The String: “Spain”

The question is that sometimes the country has 2, 3 or 4 words like
“The selected country is United States of America” and i want to obtain “United States of America”

IF this part “The selected country is” is always the same you can use Matches regex activity.

-In input property put the value of your string
-In pattern property put
(?<=is ).*

-In result property create new variable with CTRL+K and name it RegexResults

After that you can get RegexResults(0).Value for your result

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Try this :

string.Substring(string.IndexOf("The selected country is ") +"The selected country is ".Length)


Thank you, so much!
Both cases are working.
But I decided to use Substring :wink:

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