Split string with decimal places

Hi Guys am trying to split the characters with decimal places, but am not getting:

EB*C*IND*30***23*1000.55*****Y here I want to split 1000.55 only, but I cant achieve the same, but am getting value without decimal value. Please help me out how to extract this with decimal values. Thank you for the same.



if you are looking to extract the value with decimal then use the below regex exp

String Output =System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(Input,"\d+\.\d+").ToString

Find workflow below for ref

Example.zip (2.5 KB)

@ushu Thank you for your quick reply, but your solutions only works for decimal values, some times I will get decimal places and some times not. My input may be “EB*C*IND*30***23*1000.55*****Y” or “EB*C*IND*30***23*1000*****Y”


How about the following expression?



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@gokulvasant Can you try the below one


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@Yoichi @ushu both are working fine, thank you for the reply.

@Yoichi @ushu I need one more help on this:

I want to extract this EB*C*IND*30***23*1000*****Y characters from the text file, actually am using following code regex:


Now in this am getting following output only: EB*C*IND*30***23*1000*****Y

In this, also I want to get get decimal places, please help me out.

Thank you.


I don’t think it’s correct regex pattern. Does this work?

If you want to extract decimal number:1000, the following will work.



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Thank you @Yoichi

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