Split string on first period where string has multiple periods

if i have an email like this example: aa.chris.dease@example.com ; and i just want to split on the first period and keep the rest as a seperate string (chris.dease@example.com); how could i accomplish that? The first character could be different values as well. For example: “da.”; “sa.”; “aa”; and sometimes only one character before the first period like “a.” .


try this

strVar.Split(new[] { '.' }, 2);

here 2 means The maximum number of substrings to return.String.Split Method (System) | Microsoft Docs)
so you will get two strings as output
Try this in the immediate panel for a better understanding

i’m getting this error:

i also changed strVar to my variable and still didn’t work

Hi @deaser59,

value = “aa.chris.dease@example.com

value = value.Substring(value.Split("."c)(0).Count+1)

This format will always work as long as the dot is present.


that worked! thank you!

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String.Join(".",Str_Value.Split("."c).Skip(1).To array)

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