Split String from Mail Body and insert in Excel

Hey guys,

I need to get some Informations out of mails. I need the values for Name, Matrikelnummer and Auswahl 1-4, if its not “-Bitte auswählen-”.

Further i want to insert the values into an excel sheet with the columns Name, Matrikelnummer and Auswahl. For each Auswahl i need a new row.

My current situation:

How can I split the String into my required values and how can i fit them into the Excel sheet?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi @Feley,

Good…! That’s really a good question buddy…

Kindly refer to the below xaml, hope this would help you

Main.xaml (12.9 KB)

One kind suggestion, i didn’t get the conditions in your mention like Auswahll not -Bitte auswählen- kindly add that based on the condition required or if you want we can add that too…


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Is that working fine buddy…!

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Thats amazing…keep going…!

Thank you very much Buddy and sorry for this late answer!!

Unfortunately I had no time yet to proof your solution in detail.

For the “Auswahl” cases I mean that if there is the value "-Bitte auswählen-"then there is no need to add this row into the Excel sheet.
I will take a look to your solution in the next days and would ask you again if I have any questions.

Greetings from Germany

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No worries buddy, @Feley

Glad that you were able to solve the issue,

Coming to the point, you can ignore or consider the “-Bitte auswählen-” by using string.contains("-Bitte auswählen-") and if it contains you can handle that with if condition

Hope this would help you and kindly mark the one you feel right as solution as it would help others looking for solution even we might refer later…


Hello Buddy, hope you’re fine.

I have the Problem, that i don’t get any values for “Name”, “Matrikelnummer” and “Auswahl”. The Excel sheet stays empty every time. I’ve tried to see the values in a MassageBox but it stays empty aswell. Is it possible that there is a problem with reading out the array?

Thanks in advance and best regards

May i see the workflow of yours buddy once…


mailtoexcel.xaml (20.5 KB)

I’ve tried to modify your Solution but i don’t really understand where is the Problem. Thanks for your help!

When I try to check the values for Name there are more than 4 MessageBoxes (I just have 4 mails in my Inbox) and at the end there is following warning

have also kind of same issue.

Few doubts

I’ve invoice kind of mail message.
Now i need to crack the name,vendor,bank details,line item

Can you help me on this problem statement?

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