Split String for the data using activities of UiPath

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I am getting an error in the activity after assign activity and also in the top bar it says that document has some unresolved activities so I am not understanding what am I missing in it please help as this document is the same that was present in the post posted by @arun.arora but it does not work when I download it.:thinking:
Below is the screenshot of it and red part is the error that I am having doubt of…

It may be Custom activity, Update the Package :slight_smile:

I tried updating packages also yet the error is still there.
Can you tell me the exact package which could solve this issue?

can you share me the code

It is the file which is mentioned in the post that I have shared in the link in the first post.
The one highlighted in the blue in the first line itself.

@Pankaj7 In package manager add package name called Workflow Manager Activities


thank you @indra solved my error.

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Hi @indra,

Can you please elaborate how do you find the package missing over here? Or is there any reason to use this package?

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@apurba2samanta In an older version split activity was in the Microsoft.Activities.Extension but in the latest version it was added to Workflow Manager Activities

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