Split sentence into words

Hi ,
Leave Application from Emp Name [Emp ID](subject part)
i want emp name and emp id in my excel sheet of different columns can any one help me out

If the format of your sentence is always same, split the string by space and push it into an array. Fetch the 4th element(assuming emp name is just a firstname) and 5th element of your array and write it into excel using write cell activity. Below is the example.

However, if you want to loop through (assuming this is an email) and log all the leave applications you need to build a data table and insert it into the excel using write Range.

can you share xaml iam not getting :frowning:

Do u have to loop through and push many such data into the excel?

yes i need to loop through many data

Hey @shruti

Find this sample workflow for an idea and let me know :slight_smile:

emp_name_id.xaml (15.8 KB)


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