Split problem from string into 2 variables or combined time


I got problem when I read time from website it can be multiple formats like “3h 15min” or “00min” numbers in those varies and when there’s no hours the “h” disappears. I would need to get combined time from hours and minutes and then check is it smaller or bigger than 7,5hours.

What would be simple and good solution for this kind of problem?

Hi @Darba ,

We can achieve by using below basic split and replace functions. please find the attached sample work flow.

To get hour value →

To get min value →

and we have to use cint function to convert string to integer and get minutes by multiplying with 60.

and if condition to compare the total minutes with 5h(300 minutes) or 7h(420 minutes)

refer the work flow for detailed steps see if it suits for your requirement.

TimeValueDemo.zip (2.9 KB)

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Thanks for this!

I think it needs small modifications if its like 2 or 3 work days so if its over 7,5hrs it rounds up it to 2 work days and if it’s over 15 hours it rounds up it to 3 days.

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glad to hear that it is little helpful for your requirement.