Split price column

Hi every body

I need help , i have this columns in excel i need to write only the first number after $ and before the second $ i try a lot to do that and i didn’t get to solve .

can any one help me please

Thank you

$39.99$39.99 $49.14$49.14
$40.17$40.17 $49.99$49.99
$39.99$39.99 $49.99$49.99
$39.00$39.00 $49.00$49.00
$27.65$27.65 $32.39$32.39
$33.55$33.55 $39.99$39.99
$46.99$46.99 $49.99$49.99

Input=“$39.99$39.99 $49.14$49.14”

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Thank you for you help but where i can write this ?

Where your using logic excel?

i use for each row

Please share your code or screen shot

Main.xaml (11.6 KB) Untitled.xls (13.9 KB)

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Hi @coder,

Please find the solution.If you have any issues.Let me know.

@I made some changes in your code.

Main1.xaml (14.0 KB)

Result file

Omkar P

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Thank you for you Reddy_Paluri

i will see that now

Thank you very much, it works like I want :heart_eyes: :tulip:

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Welcome @coder :smiley:

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@Reddy_Paluri can you please explain this line


i have other question if it possible

how i can remove the $ because i get this error or how i can keep the $ and solve this ?

Check price column is >= 40 : Input string was not in a correct format.

this is the If condition

CInt(row(1)) >= 40

so i want filter the price and add to queue it is work but because i have the $ give me the error

Thank you

My input string =“$39.99$39.99 $49.14$49.14”

Substring (start index,endindex)
Index start with zero so in your case you want first price means $39.99
If you are not understanding.please refer below site

Omkar P

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Thank you @Reddy_Paluri i understand

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