Split pdf size issue

i am using “Extract pdf page range” activity for to split pdf per page, the problem with splitting pdf is its size, If original pdf is of 10 mb in size, and it has 100 pages, it split pdf to 100 pdf which is correct but the size of each extracted pdf is 10mb. So please suggest how i can compress the size of extracted pdfs

Hi @gurvinder.singh,
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Can you show how are you splitting the pdf file with this activity?

Thanks, @Pablito

This is what i am doing, in range field i am providing pages and source and destination in FIle

Just for test purposes to test it in separate workflow like this:

For Extract PDF Page Range activity use this as an input:
It should loop through all 100 pages. Let’s see if result will be the same.

Hi @Pablito,
In real workflow i have implemented in the same way, as per your suggestion i put this in separate workflow, but same output.check the file size

unable to upload xaml file here as i am new user to community, Xaml file is same as per your image only i provided the source and destination path

I’m not sure but maybe your PDF file are somehow restricted and during splitting whole content is still kept inside the file?
I tested it on example file and results for me are like this:

Maybe to be sure please google “pdf file” and try to test workflow on the example file from first website. This is the same I tested.

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Thanks @Pablito,
Giving us direction to think in other direction, we have checked this with other pdf it is working fine, it seems to be issue with only two pdfs, seems they contain something in header due to which not split correctly. For other pdf it is working fine.

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I see. So as I thought it is a specific pdf file issue. :slight_smile:

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