Split PDF in equally extracted sized parts

Hey guys,
currently I am facing with an issue regarding splitting a PDF.
I want to split a PDF with a size of for example 60 MB in three extracted PDFs with equal sizes of 20MB.

My current solution only works based on the number of pages. Because the data in the PDF is distributed unequal the output is also very unequal.
For example my current solution works like this:
Before split:
File (60MB)
After split:
Split A (40MB)
Split B (10MB)
Split C (10MB)

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Hi @Yannik_Esser ,

One solution might be trying to split the PDF based on the numbers of characters (letters & digits) from your file.

Another one might be to (a) split the initial PDF file by page, and then to (b) join first page with the second one, third one and so on until it reach the desired size. Afterwards, (c) apply again the same logic for the remaining single page pdf files…

Hope this helps
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I need to do exactly the same thing ( with files < 10mo)

Have you succeed to do it?

Hi @manu_debonne

Another way u can try is powershell integration with uipath

Check this link


Here they are splitting text file but I think u can try with PDF files too


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Hi @Yannik_Esser ,

Please find below one simple solution to split a pdf file in files with a given size. The process uses only basic UiPath activities, without being necessary to understand complex concepts.


Please make sure that the following UiPath official dependencies are installed:


Here is the starter file: SplitPdfIntoEqualParts.xaml (18.0 KB)

Best regards,


Hey Marius,
thanks for your support!
Could you shortly explain where you have got the Citrix Package? I can’t find it.


Hi @Yannik_Esser ,

Sorry. Citrix activity package doesn’t have to be installed for this process. I’ve used the Citrix activity package on a different process within the same global UiPath project.

You need to have installed the pdf and forms activity packages only in order to run the .xaml file

Best regards,

Okay thanks! Runs now!

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