Split Paragraph To Words

@hsendel Ohh. That would have made the Task easier I guess, if that’s what you needed. I’ll check How I can modify the workflow.

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Great !!! , Here are the Available Speech Parts :
Nouns , Pronouns , Verbs , Adjectives , Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions ,Interjections, and Punctuations :slight_smile:

i believe this cannot be done in this website, as same words will be sometimes more than one thing… Like “By”, can be preposition, adverb or adjective depending on the use in a phrase…

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@bcorrea, Thanks for the remark, but no issue we need to choose the 1st appeared one, we don’t care about other, we try to find another solution for that.

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see something to get you started:
MainSequence.xaml (20.4 KB)

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@hsendel I guess I was able to get the desired output. The Methods that I have used might be a bit complicated. Because I have already adopted to that method, I have continued the implementation in that way :sweat_smile:, but there might be a better approach for this. Although check the workflow and provide a feedback. Also I have added an extra sentence in the Input text file just to check if it works for multiple sentences.
Generate Excels From Txt.zip (16.0 KB)

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@bcorrea, seems there is compatibility version.

@supermanPunch, This is exactly what I want :+1: , but why “the” is not figured in the excel sheet?

Thanks in advance

@hsendel Because “the” is classified as Definite Article, and I haven’t configured the Column for that. Hence it doesn’t appear. Basically, If you want Articles as well, we would need to Create a Column for that, and again do the changes accordingly, But it would be minor changes

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@supermanPunch, Exactly :+1: I miss this point, let me check the whole process and update you. Thanks a lot for your support

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@supermanPunch, Tell me , I want to change Site used and for different language, do I need to close this case as solution and open another one or we can continue here?

@hsendel Don’t you need the Solution that I have provided ? :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch, No I like it very well and you have made great efforts on it, I appreciate that, just started this example as a small test for my project, and when I want to update it accordingly, I find some complex formulas and not able to decode what it inside :slight_smile:

@hsendel Yes. It is a bit complex. The reason why I did that was, It uses a Dictionary, So I keep all the extracted Speech types classified in Dictionary, and at a later stage I would want to use those values to convert it to a Datatable and to in the format you need. However without the use of Dictionary it would mean I would have to more variables to keep the speeches separately in each variable as an array, and then use.

Hence, Instead of using more variables, Let’s use a Collection type of variable to hold those values.

Thanks @supermanPunch, Can you use the sam for the Wesite :


Where the result can be obtained only by wrting a word, no need to click enter, try an example : awal, it will show the follwoing :

Which is of type : n.m ( Noun)

In case we need to open another ticket just let me know, probably we can’t work for many things in one Topic, no?

@hsendel Maybe It’s good to open a new Post and close this post, since it is a different website. Others may have a different way of generating the same kind of output but may be in an easier way.

But please describe very much in detail as to what you exactly would want to do, so that they can provide the solution very fast without many questions

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Thanks a lot @supermanPunch for your efforts for this Topic …Well Done :+1:

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