Split Paragraph To Words


Can anyone can help to Split Paragraph words to : Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions and Punctuation


“UiPath Robot- executes the processes built in Studio, as a human would. Robots can work unattended (run without human supervision in any environment, be it virtual or not) or as assistants (a human triggers the process).”

At the end I want to have something like the following :

Note : Of course I will use one Web Link to check whether a word is a Noun, Verbe , Preposition.

Thanks in Advance

@hsendel Yes If you’re using an External source to determine if the word is a Noun, Verb or Preposition, then it gets quite easy to Implement the Output that you need. Except we would also have to know How is the result appearing from the link. Will it be in a Json Format or will it be in a Direct word format? Then you would just need to use Add Data Row with already a Built Datatable set with the Columns you need.


Thanks @supermanPunch,
This is an example of source where we can get words:

And below is a result of the word small which is an adjective.

Could you please share an example for the following sentence : By using the internet, the world becomes small.

Thanks in advance

@hsendel As I said that It will be easy to create the output you want, but it actually was not easy :sweat_smile: . It took me a lot of time to figure out the method and to get the data in the way that is needed.

But again it is not accurate, it will take some more time. Also do you need only four columns, or do you have to add other Parts of Speech as well. If so, you can add it in Build Datatable, But the name Should be a proper name as the results in the website. You can try editing the workflow, and make it accurate.

Also if you can tell me the results how you want based on the results that you get by executing this workflow. I can make an Edit and resend.

Check this :
The input String is in the Text File
Generate Excels From Txt.zip (4.6 KB)


Thanks a lot @supermanPunch, i will check and revert back :slight_smile:

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Hello @supermanPunch
Could you please share what activities you are using here ? Because I got error

Could you please share JSON file? Thanks in advance

@hsendel Can you update your packages to the latest version and check ? Also what is the Studio Version that you are using ?

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@supermanPunch, Studio Version is : 2019.4.4, what package should I update ? By the way could you please share JSON File to see which packages you’re using? Thx

@hsendel As I am using 20.4 there might be an Incompatibility. Mostly update System.Activities, UiAutomation.Activities package and check.

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I’m not allowed to use recent version, I have updated both Packages, unfortunately without success :disappointed_relieved:, Could you please share JSON file?

@hsendel I don’t think the Json file is going to be of use. However I have attached the Json file.
project.json (936 Bytes)

@supermanPunch, YES not useful, can you share which activity you’re using after For Each?

@hsendel It is actually depended on the existing packages and since the version I have used is Higher than what you have it is having an Incompatibility :sweat_smile: Wait I’ll try to do some changes in the workflow.

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YES Please

@hsendel Check this workflow :
Generate Excels From Txt.zip (15.3 KB)

You shouldn’t have any missing activities with this workflow.

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Thanks a lot @supermanPunch, it’s working perfectly :+1:

Still only the output didn’t fit what is intended :

I want to have the following as output :

Just to make things more clear, after making search on Web Site, I want to extract the word type and insert it in “Adjectives” column in excel sheet, as an example: Small is an Adjective , as follows :

I see that it’s not so easy , but I’m sure you can do it , I count on you :slight_smile:

@hsendel Do you want all the parts of Speech to be recognised ?

@supermanPunch, no I need only word type ( noun, verb, adjective, pronoun …etc) to be classified in Excel sheet as per the example I shared before.

@hsendel This means you want all the parts of Speech then :sweat_smile: Previously you wanted Noun, Verb, Preposition and Punctuation if I’m not wrong

@supermanPunch, Yes but not all the paragraphe , I want only what is stated in at the beginning of the description, for example for small, I want only to extract that is an adjective :