Split one excel into 2 with a condition and write cell after cell

Capture How can i write one cell per each row? Cause now it does not write . Sorry if this is a silly request but i need some help cause i am new to uipath and i have tried so many ideas. So what i whant is for each variable to do another row in 2 columns.

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Do you wanna update the existing row or trying to add the new cell after the last active row?

because if you are updating same row then your logic looks good. Then explain what is happening with your current logic.

i really whant to add new cell after each one, i don’t want to update

Can you share what you have written in the range section of the write cell?

and If you are not trying to update the cell then what is with the condition in while loop?

That condition will not help you to add new row in excel it will just update the rows untill last row of excel comes.

i’ve tried without while but keeps writing same cell, i have read a post that with while will work but maybe i did not understand this activity. Please find attached write range has an index


How many cells do you want to write? in one column

so i have a file with 2 columns and every time the number of rows is different , that file is checked onto an open browser and by thhere is a condition then results this if that i have and splits the first excel in 2 new ones , whit 1 (existing data on website) and 2 (non existitng data on website) , on the first excel is one column with barcodes and one with codes from our website , and we need to check every barcode on an opportunity search if the search gets something than is need it to go to existlist.xlsx , does it make any sense now?

The data table in both the while condition you have used are the output your are getting from the read range I see in the screenshot just above while activity?

If yes then the cell you are trying to add in the the excel is it same sheet which your are reading using read range mentioned above?

We need this count to be identified to limit the writing cells or to exit the loop.
And this count should be used in the while loop condition

the data table in while condition i do not have an input for it ( just thinked it will read from excel scope) and the output is in the condition existaemagDT

second screenshot

I think your robot is not going inside while loop.

Can you add message box inside both the while loop and check if bot is goin in the While body section.

you’re right it didn’t display the text messages while it doesn’t even get there, but what other method could I use to write the data obtained after checking one after the other in each excel?

You have to put this inside for each row of main data table you are working with then you don’t need while condition…
Just check the if condition and write cell

so here is what i got

this is the code now

and this is the primary excel

take that index + 1 above to first write cell activity in both sides

now the if condition works correctly only that write cell writes everything in the same cell, somehow it rewrites my cell instead of writing in the next

Check the scope of index variable and increase it to the main scope…

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