Split on whitespace : return errors after (0)

I have a string var :

“I’d like to split this string”

Assign :
strArray = split(StrVar, " ")

Writeline :
Returns = “I’d”

Returns error: Write Line: Index was outside the bounds of the array

Any idea what im doing wrong? Im trying to just grab the first 2 words in a string, split on whitespace.

Try this:

Writeline: strArray(1).ToString


I thought it wouldn’t matter as its an array of strings ?

but I get the same error :frowning:

Damn ye, sorry I though it was the reason but no… Maybe UiPath bug? Have you tried to close it and rerun that test?

Look this screenshot:

Hope it helps mate

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ha that actually fixed it ! been stressing for over an hour on this lol, ty pal much appreciated

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Wow haha!! Those things happens XD

Glad to have been useful


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