Split methods working in IE, but not Chrome, what could be the reason?


Can someone help with this please?

The following split methods are working in IE, but not Chrome. Why is that so? My requirement is to make it work on Chrome

fullName.Split(" “c)(0).Trim, fullName.Split(” “c)(1).ToString, fullName.Split(” "c)(2).ToString


Can you share me the sample string and what are you trying to also?

Share with more details, any errors also


@Srini84 - Here is the error screenshot which I am seeing while trying to run it in Chrome.

It’s fetching “full name” for “first name” as well.

06/29/2020 16:54:53 => [Debug] Execution started for file: Fake_Prof_Generator_Invoke
06/29/2020 16:54:54 => [Info] MP_Project2 execution started
06/29/2020 16:55:04 => [Info] First name is : Arnold R Harrison
06/29/2020 16:55:04 => [Error] Fetch the Middle Name from Full Name: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
06/29/2020 16:55:04 => [Info] MP_Project2 execution ended in: 00:00:10

Where as below are the logs when I run in IE :slight_smile:
06/29/2020 17:00:15 => [Debug] Execution started for file: Fake_Prof_Generator_Invoke
06/29/2020 17:00:16 => [Info] MP_Project2 execution started
06/29/2020 17:00:20 => [Info] First name is : Kevin
06/29/2020 17:00:20 => [Info] Middle Name is : A
06/29/2020 17:00:20 => [Info] Last Name is : Pridgen
06/29/2020 17:00:21 => [Info] MP_Project2 execution ended in: 00:00:04

I have a question here if I automate a webpage using the Chrome browser, will it work in IE? Selectors are different between the two browsers.


Once you scrap using IE and trying in Chrome, Selectors will be different, better to rescrape with chrome browser OR you can continue with IE

Hope this helps


@Srini84 - that helps. So that could be considered as one of the drawback then for UiPath correct? Say like there is a requirement to automate something which should run in different browsers, we need to automate three different works flow for three diff browsers correct? Is my understanding correct?


I believe we need fix upon the browser also, so that it will be good going further in production environment, some enterprises will not allow chrome / Firefox

In this case you have to stick with IE only, so better way is to fix with IE, or if the client application is working in IE then we can choose chrome / Firefox according to the client requirment

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