Split items marked - but items are in same row

i am training document understanding model, and i have 5 different coulmn fields,
i marked the first one of them, named “container” as Split Item, so each time this tem appears, a new row will be added.
but after few trainings, i am still having the same problem with no improvment, the same item can appear 2,3,4 or even 5 times in the same row! without adding new one…
i can not understand why is that happening…
can any one help with that issue? many thanks.


Can you show how you configured it please

And how many did you train?


Hi @zohara

How many documents that you trained to extract the Line Items means columns?
If the documents are trained between 5 to 10 the bot not trained, you have train the documents more than 20.

When you are training the documents have you given some of documents for evaluation set?
If you don’t give any documents, must give 20% of documents to evaluation and remaining 80% documents for training.

Hope it helps!!

160 documents as training, and 60 douments as evaluation.
attached screenshot of configaration

i traind mor then 150 as training set, and about 60 evaluation

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Is the labeling done properly for you table?

Looks like the require dcolumn is not labeled as expected

Also is the document variation more? Atleast 10 sames of similar type should be presnet


labeling is done properly.
and more then 10 for each type has trained.

if the item marked as a “split item” why when i get the results it gives me few item at the same row? makes no senes…


This generally occurs when enough training is not do e…try increasing the dataset for training so that the accurqcy can go up