Split folder path

I need a support. From the below path, i want to remove “G:\uipath\2021” . In stead I will add another path (“F:\uipath\done_2021”) . How can I do that?

G:\uipath\2021\folder 1\doc 121.pdf
G:\uipath\2021\folder 2\folder 3\doc 178.pdf
G:\uipath\2021\folder 2\folder 5\folder 6\doc 451.pdf


Hi @Ekram
You can try Replace as well

string1 = “G:\uipath\2021\folder 1\doc 121.pdf”


thank you. It worked

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Can you give one more solution? I need to do one more thing. I want to separate folder directory and file. How can I do that? My purpose is to copy file from one path to another path.

F:\uipath\done_2021\folder 1\doc 121.pdf
F:\uipath\done_2021\folder 2\folder 3\doc 178.pdf
F:\uipath\done_2021\folder 2\folder 5\folder 6\doc 451.pdf

F:\uipath\done_2021\folder 1
F:\uipath\done_2021\folder 2\folder 3
F:\uipath\done_2021\folder 2\folder 5\folder 6


For that for example if the path is in item variable

To get the folder path only use the below expression

folder_path= Directory.GetParent(item).ToString


Nived N :robot:

thank you very much. It also worked

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