Split Excel records

I have a query related to splitting large excel file.
There is one excel sheet with approx 1000 rows, I need to split this excel sheet(4 columns) and write to data table based on following scenarios:

  1. There are 4-5 occurrences of keywords “id8” and “profile.c” in column0
  2. From 1st occurrence of “id8” to first occurence of “profile.c”, I need one data table.
  3. From second occurrence of “id8” to second occurence of “profile.c”, I need second data table.
  4. Needs to go on until no “profile.c” keyword is found.

Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

@kaurM If you provide sample excel file and expected output it will be helpful in providing solution.

Yeah! create variables with datatype of data table according to how may data table you need to split.
Then assign a expression like source_Datatable.select(expression for filtering columns using keywords).copytoDatatable().

Like wise you can filter and just assign to data_table variables.

Hope it helps!!!



Thanks for your response! I tried this way and it worked :slight_smile:

Actually I am a new user and its not allowing me to attach files.
Anyways, I found a solution to this and thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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