Split errors

I want to fetch the data from Get text but getting split error as shown in the SS.

Remove the None from the end and use .(0) for the 1st item in the splitted array. Not sure what you’re trying to achieve with that.

@ramkrishna2k3 if you don’t mine can you elaborate bit more about error.

I Want to seperate the Client Id , Client Name Client Country the output should look like below
KI44163-Edison Byam-Germany

Now i am getting this error.

It’s StringSplitOptions, not Option.

Still the error throws

Thank you my error has rectified, but output is showing like system.string[]

@ramkrishna2k3 use like this buddy CID. split({":"}, String split options. Removeemptyentries) this is will give the output as array of string say the the output variable is arraystr. Now to get the required output use assign activity and in the value place give like this **arraystr(index value of required output) +"-"+arraystr(index value of required output)+"-"+arraystr (index value of required output)**and now assign this to variable, you will get required output.

Thank you yesterday itself the error has been rectified.

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