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I need to split the body of an email message in order to get only the last “update”, before the From (message could be forwarded or replied to). The issue that I find, as the processing is done for international senders is that From could be De/Von/etc…

Hi @c.ciprian
can you give an example and let us know what exactly you want from the mail. Then I will provide you the solution.

Hi @Rishi1,

Here are 2 examples (I have inserted where it should be split, but this string is not found in the original email.

First example

Dear Support,

I confirm that the incident can be closed.

Thanks and regards,

< split here >
From: XYZ Support [mailto:xyz...] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 2:46 PM
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED Closure reques....

Dear All,
Your request recorded  ....

Second example

Dear All,

Thank you, please close this call.

< split here >

Saatja: XYZ Support <xyz…>
Saadetud: 13. november 2018 9:18
Adressaat: [name]
Teema: ACTION REQUIRED Closure reminder…

Dear All,
With reference to Interaction …

Hi @c.ciprian
PFA solution P3.xaml (10.8 KB)

I have defined one array “arr” that contains all the word that represent “From:” now to give you the logic i have taken mail message in a string . you can perform it on the body of the mail.

It works great. I have implemented something similar, but with a lot of IFs…
In your solution, item is a String from the String array, but what does {item} stand for?


Great! actually {item} represent the word on which you want to split the message string and return the string array . within the curly bracket we have to mention the word or character on which we want to split the string and then i picked the first element of the returned array.

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