Split data using regex

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I need to split the data in text file and extract specific information. I have attached the input (Text File) and expected output(Excel). Also, I have attached two XAML. Its returning the same data from column A to G, remining column are fine. I need to extract the correct data under each set.

Read the text file into a variable using Read Text File and then with that variable use Generate Data Table From Text to convert it to a datatable, in this case using fixed width columns to split up the data in the actual rows. What you’ll have now is a datatable with some rows that are good data and some rows that are garbage data (the headers, summaries, etc). You can look for some sort of pattern, so you can loop through it and add only good rows to a second datatable.

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Its running for long time , I don’t know if generate data table works for this text file since the large amount of data.