Split a variable longer than 20 characters


I have a variable that is longer than 20 characters and I need to grab everything that is after the 20th character.

Ex: 01234567890123456789Abacdr
I need to grab Abacdr
Also, I just put the letters after the numbers so it’s easy to see the characters after the 20th character.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi @icosinga

You can use sub string to split the string based on the index.


This will split from 20th index to the last of the string…

Let me know whether this helps…


Hi @icosinga

You can also check this out .

cheers :smiley:

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It works GREAT!
Thank you!!!


Thank you!!!


Glad to hear that I was able to help. If any of the answers helped you to fix it, please also mark the appropriate answer as the solution too… It could help others seeking for the same solution :smiley:

Thank you!!

Happy automating!!!

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