Split a PDF report by page range into multiple files

Dear all,

I am new to RPA program but i know its good and start my learning.

I have received a PDF report weekly (over 100 pages) which includes multi debit notes (some are 1 page, some are more than 1 page), and i have to split this PDF based on the Vendor number on the Debit Note into multiple PDF files.
Debit Note.pdf (22.1 KB)

-Each page has a vendor number
-there is a sentence for the end of the Debit note “This is a computer-generated Debit/Credit Note. No signature is required.”
-The last page of the PDF has a summary of the number of the total Debit note number

May anyone know how to split the PDF based on the Vendor number on each page and do a checking of the total file cut against the total Debit Note number on the last page of the PDF?

Thanks so much.

Please check the below project.

test.xaml (9.9 KB)

Thanks so much vivek_Nalashaa, but it has a little problem that even the Debit Note is 1 page only, it generates a 2 pages report as well (own page + 1st page of next Debit Note).


May anyone help? Thanks so much.

any solutions for this
i need split a pdf on irregular ranges, some document has 1 page, other 3, … how do this