Split(5) ==> how to increase the split fonction to repeat proces (eg: Split(6), Split(7) and so on)

Hi !

I am trying to take specific words from my pdf to record them on a data table en fill a form with.

This is my workflow, which works at the moment:

But , I would like to repeat the process without developing the entire workflow again and again… I’ve tried with the fonction while, for each… but none worked.

Eg: with the split(5) I get the Lastname: image

I want to get with Split(6) the Name… with Split(7) the adress and so on …
Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @dalilasencha

Unless I am understanding the issue wrongly, I do not think that you have to repeat or loop the process. After splitting you can assign all variables at once:
Assign Lastname = splitdata(5)
Assign name = splitdata(6)
Assign address = splitdata(7)

For Each split you need to assing Ubound for max count.
MaxVal = UBound(SplitOutPut).toString
This will give you max segments of the split condition.
Then you can loop till MaxVal so that it will become a dynamic split.
In side the Loop you can increase the count.
Example Split(i)
inside the loop i=i+1

Hope my inputs are useful.

@dalilasencha , you can convert your string into an array on the basis of spaces and loop through the array values one by one.

Cheers!! #HappyRobotics