Spelling error in activity Sort Data Table

Sorting order “Descending” was spelt wrongly as “Decending” in UiPath Studio version 2019.10.1. Please correct it as it is a fundamental error.

Please see the attachment for details.

Hi @liu_shubin

Based on this is the sort data table is throwing an error

you can try to update the package

Ashwin S

Hi Ashwin, I can run my script smoothly without throwing any error. I also tried older version of UiPath Studio 2019.07.0. There is no spelling error in old version.

The issue is only an English spelling error in my opinion.

Hi @liu_shubin

Could you try updating the UiPath.System.Activities pacakge? It seems to be fixed in the latest version.

Thanks, Maciej. I updated UiPath.System.Activities to the latest stable version 19.10.1 and the issue is resolved.

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