Speeding up PDF fill speed

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to speed up my workflow. I need to fill a pdf with a very large number of variables. I previously was able to open the pdf in FireFox and utilize Simulate to fill all the fields on my pdf. I then realized my work computers do not have FireFox. They only have Chrome and Edge. I’ve tried to do the same thing in both of those browsers but both refuse to identify the individual fields in the pdf.

I can fill the pdf in Adobe Acrobat via Windows Messages and Hardware Events, but it’s manually typing all the variables. Some of the variables are dictionaries and contain quite a bit of text. This is causing the automation to take minutes longer… When I try to use Simulate it tells me the application does not support it. Is there a better/faster way to get Adobe Acrobat to fill the fields faster?

to speed it up abit you can change the timeouts in the type into/scraping activities to however many seconds you wish

Hi @Tim_Corwin ,

Do you have a PDF form that you want to fill ?

Could you maybe let us know if you can use the below Component for your task :

I can’t install the package. It says “No compatible version with Windows projects.”