Speed up fill process

I have an application in which the robot writes values ​​(arguments)
Looks like that:

  1. Go to the application in the desired form
  2. Through TypeInto in the search bar we find the desired query
  3. Set the values ​​sequentially through TypeInto
  4. Close
    How can I speed up the process?

Hi @RPA3,

Change the DelayBefore and DelayAfter to 0ms and check SimulateType to true.


Can you explain what this will change?


The standard value of is DelayBefore is 200ms and the DelayAfter is 300ms, when you change those it will save you half a second every time it performs the activity.
The SimulateType enters the entire value at once, it will not type every character after eachother like a human does. (Note: SimulateType works for most applications but not all!)

Thak you, I will try it

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