Speed up excel interaction with uipath

I am using UIpath community edition to automate a certain task.

The task involves reading the properties of a image present inside of a desktop app. The desktop app stores imgaes along with certain tags for each image.
The read properties are text in unstructured format (not perfectly tabular), So I Paste it into an excel file where I have set up formulas to extract the required attributes from the copied text. This was way more easier to implement rather than writing custom code in VBA to format data inside UIpath.

I Read the formatted properties back from the excel file. And based on the values in certain columns do certian tasks (Ex: If col1 and col2 is a certain value then download the image from the desktop app or modify certain properties for that image, etc).

Then I create a datarow and fill it with the above image properties and some custom properties like Timestamp, error occured if any, etc. Then add the datarow to 2 different excel table present in the same excel file as before (1 table for Log purposes and another one for Actual usage.).

In Breif the following are the steps involved in my workflow:

  1. Get unstructured data from a desktop app
  2. Paste it to excel and get Formatted Tabular Row
  3. Based on values of obtained data do certain tasks in desktop app.
  4. Write the data back to excel along with some other columns to 2 different excel tables.
  5. Continue Steps 1-4 for all the images present inside the desktop app.

The Issue I am having is This entire process is too slow. (Most of the time is spent writing data to excel tables, Step 4). Is there anything I can change in my methodology to improve the speed.

Total Images in the desktop app are around 10,000 but I think in one run I don’t plan on processing more than 1000 images.

@Rahul_Badenkal i think you should elaborate bit more regarding your issue,

I wasn’t actually finished writing the question details. Now I have