Speciial keys syntax error

Hello i am trying to use type into activity in a browser

I am typing in this line /Bilder_Bil[@RESOURCENAME = “Bilde_av_adasrapport.png” AND @ServiceOrdre_Nummer = “0000599349”]

but it ffailes and says Type Into ‘Advanced’: Special keys syntax error. Encountered invalid special key action at text position: 13.

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Enable the Stimulate Click from properties of TypeInto

You can use Set text activity also

You are fine to go

Hope this helps you



Hi @langsem

I think you can also escape [ with another [, like so:


I am using the uiautmation.next

Simulate Click??? I do not see such an option. Where exactly can this be found?

In my case I used the TypeInto activity. My text string contained two special characters of [ and ] or square brackets. I replaced the special characters in the string being written with the recommended double brackets as @langsem mentioned above. Here is how I did this:


where inStringVar was the name of the variable I was using in the TypeInto activity.

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Oops, Sorry It’s Stimulate Type, TypoError

For Click activity it is Stimulate Click


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