Specifying Date Picker to be used in Chrome


I have 2 date pickers side by side and i need to specify both dates which are different in Chrome.

May i know which activity should i use to specify which date picker to use when specifying a date?

I’ve tried to use activate but doesnt seem to work.

Hoping for a solution here.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @ibisan,

Have you took a look at the selectors of the date?
Because it is possible to simulate click a date by using dynamic selectors :slight_smile:

Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi,

Yes, i’ve used dynamic selector to specify a date successfully in the left calendar, but it failed when i tried to specify another date in the right calendar as the click activities goes back to the left calendar and i end up with both dates.

Im trying to find a way to get the click activity to identify which calendar (i.e. Left or right) to use. I’ve tried using anchor element and setting clipping region. Both did not work as expected.

Thanks and regards,

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