Specifying credentials in UIPath.TerminalActivities direct connection activity for VT emulation

If I’m just using a direct connection terminal activity, where do I get a chance to provide credentials to allow me to login? I know if I was using Reflection or a similar product, I could specify the credentials via a session profile, but I can’t see how to do this using a direct connection.

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Hey @ethomson

What do you mean by direct connection here ?

Could you please show some screenshots…


Hello @ethomson

Please check the below post. It may help you.

Thanks, everyone. I think I need to obtain the password somehow upstream and then supply that to the terminal operation. Does anyone have a good example of how to obtain the password from the user?

I got the credentials issue figured out, but the workflow won’t login to the Linux host via SSH. I think this may have to do with the need to import the SSH key into the workflow somehow–is there a way to do this?