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Hi @apurba2samanta Thank a lot, I have just got all the information in Output as suggested by @Manjuts90,
I am trying to get those data in an excel sheet, could you please advise how to get that data in an excel sheet which I am getting in Output.


Yea sure @Rahulsinha,

I’m attaching the screenshot below -

I’m also attaching the workflow, which contains only the part mentioned by you. I assumed the variable which contains the number as ‘number’, please change it accordingly. And I hope you have used looping, if you are working with multiple numbers simultaneously.
Forum(Rahulsinha).zip (7.4 KB)

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @apurba2samanta I have created Workflow as below screenshot but unable to get the data in excel sheet what I am seeing in output, but is not getting fetched to an excel sheet :frowning:



Hi @Rahulsinha,

Can you please share your workflow so that I can find the fault?

Thanks & Regards,

Main.xaml (14.0 KB)

Please check once.

Hey @Rahulsinha ,

Please share your .pdf file also. It will be helpful to solve.

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Hey Buddy,

Can not share the PDF (official) :frowning: but sharing an example on how the data is there in PDF.

@Rahulsinha Please check below workflow. I have edited your workflow.

Main (2).xaml (16.0 KB)

Hey @Rahulsinha,

I’m sharing the workflow please check it.Main.xaml (12.4 KB)

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks Buddy, it is working now :slight_smile:
@Manjuts90 and @apurba2samanta thanks a lot for your patience and support. :slight_smile:

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