Specialized AI Professional Certification Prep| EP9 | Taxonomy and Taxonomy Manager


One of the important components of the UiPath Document Understanding is Taxonomy Management. In simple words, a defined taxonomy gives instructions to the bot on what documents you process along with the fields of interest. It is important to have a clear understanding of the taxonomy, usage, access methods, and best practices for defining a taxonomy.

The video answers the following questions.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - What is a Taxonomy
02:05 - Why Taxonomy is Important and Where it is Used in Document Understanding
03:50 - Data Types in Taxonomy Manager
08:30 - Define Taxonomy in Taxonomy Manager
13:18 - Explore content in Taxonomy JSON
13:57 - Methods to access Taxonomy JSON in Document Understanding projects
15:25 - Taxonomy Extension Methods
18:37 - Taxonomy Best Practices

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