Specialized AI Professional Certification Prep | Ep12| Training DU Classifiers


There are three different classifiers available in UiPath Document Understanding. The classifiers are trained in two stages; initial training and fine-tuning based on manually verified data. The tutorial explains the training activities, training methods, and features available for training classifiers.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Introduction
0:30 - What are the trainable classifiers in Document Understanding
02:00 - Configuring the Workflow for Fine-tuning Classifiers and Best Practices
04:00 - Get to know the Classifier Trainer Activities
06:00 - Classifiers Using JSON to Store Training Data
08:00 - Different Options Available to Send Fine-Tuning Data for Machine Learning Classifier Training
10:00 - Input Data Options in Train Classifier Scope

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Classifiers and Best Practices

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