Specialized AI Professional Certification Prep |E15| Communications Mining - Labels


UiPath Communications Mining is a tool that provides AI capabilities to analyze your communication data. The AI model requires certain information during the training stage to understand and learn from your data. Some of the information required are verbatims, labels, entities, and metadata.

This video covers the points you need to know about verbatims and Labels. The points discussed here are helpful for your Specialized AI Certification and for your communications mining projects.

Topics Covered

0:00 - Introduction
0:33 - What information is required to train the model in Communications Mining
02:43 - What are Labels and what is the purpose of labels
08:40 - What is a Taxonomy and how it relates to Labels
10:05 - Approach to define the Taxonomy
13:00 - Different Types of Labels in a Taxonomy Design
16:40 - Preparing the Taxonomy
20:15 - Upload Taxonomy to Communications Mining

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