Special Trigger - How to do?

Hi all,
is it possible to enable a trigger which can do the following:

Job should run on the third thursday every month. But if the first thursday in a month is not in a full week in this month, then the job should run on the fourth thursday.
Example: April 2021: Third Thursday is 18th, but job should run on the 25th.
May 2021: Third Thursday is 20th, job should run on the 20th.

If it is not possible, it is also ok, then I can ask the business how to do, but if, I will be happy to get an idea.

Thanks, Volker

Hi Volker,

You can’t do it with a CRON Expression, that for sure.

You have several "alternative "options (two examples from many):

  • You could create two triggers and add the logic into the code.

  • You could use Trigger Queues and create items with a postpone date up to the day you want. Then with a dispatcher process that runs once a year or a month, populate said trigger queue.

One thing is clear, You can’t do it with a single trigger

Hi Martí,

thanks for fast response. Then I will check or discuss with busineess how to do.

Regards, Volker