Special key

Hello guys,

Is there a command how to find the end of the line? Lets say that I have the following string:

Hello Tom
I am 15
FRom dskakdsaa 24
aopdoapoad apdoadsoa poadopda

I want to go to the end of the line a check if there is a number. If not, I want to jump to the next line, to its end and try to find the number again…and so on. Or if we can add special key like “;” on the end of each line it would be probably also helpful.

Thnaks a lot.

Hello Mario,
To create dynamic conditions we have to observe string consistency. There will a unique behavior in the string.

In this case if every time you may not get consistent characters in each line. There will be some thing which is going to separate as a line and display.

If you collect all data in a single string then you may not get what you want to achieve.

if you read each line and pass into a string then you can use following
String = “Hello Tom”
technique: String = Right(String,1)
print String. if String is Number then replace(String," ") and assign to new string.
You can loop the same to reach each character and remove all numbers from the string end.
hope this helps.

Hi @mario

Look this workflow it may help you , Check_integer_from_last.zip (2.7 KB)

@aksh1yadav can you please give linq query for this scenario, i have tried but i cant get the result.


I got this error.
What Package you have added while creating this WF

Have you decompressed the Zip file before opening the XAML File ,since the input text file is in compressed inside the zip folder

Yes Ranjit, unzipped and opened by using UiPath. I open text file also. it’s not in zip format.