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hi how are things

I have the following case

I need to extract data from names in a database, but this data may or may not contain special characters.

I have a variable called “CostumerClient” and every time a name is assigned to this variable it should remove any special characters if it has any.

How can I solve this in a simple way?



If the above special characters doesn’t contains white space, the following helps you.



If it’s good to remove white spaces, too, the following will work.



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To extract data from names in a database and remove any special characters, you can use the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the names from the database using a database connection and a SQL query.
  2. Iterate through the names using a loop, such as a For Each loop in UiPath.
  3. For each name, use a regular expression (regex) to remove any special characters.

Here is an example of how this could be implemented in UiPath:
// Connect to the database and retrieve the names.
DataTable namesTable = dbConnection.ExecuteQuery(“SELECT name FROM customers”);

// Iterate through the names.
foreach (DataRow row in namesTable.Rows)
// Get the name.
string name = row[“name”].ToString();

// Remove any special characters using a regex.
string cleanedName = Regex.Replace(name, @"[^\w\s]", "");

// Do something with the cleaned name.

This code connects to the database, retrieves the names from the customers table, and iterates through the names. For each name, it removes any special characters using a regex pattern that matches any character that is not a word character or a white space character. The cleaned name is then displayed on the console.

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