Space change and click

Hello guys,

I automating a web application.

One of the process steps is to click on a specific space in a column row.

I am doing the process for many files.

While treating a specific file, the space of the column row was larger a bit. The robot could not identify the specific space.

Does space changing create a problem for the robot?


Buddy @Youssef
May i know how does that specific column row looks like, may be a screenshot if possible


See ?

Fine i hope you want to click on the text below the Partie demanderesse…
if so you can use anchor base activity buddy
with anchor - a find image or find element activity and select the text “Partie demanderesse”
with action on right side - a click activity to click on the txt space below

This would work buddy @Youssef

Nope error message “Value does not fall within expected range”.

Also sometimes, below “Partie demanderesse”, it can be two lines so I made my selector dynamic.

How to do?

May i know where does this error occured buddy… @Youssef
a screenshot of that activity if possible

I have this error message

What I can’t understand is that the text spaces have the same attributes.

It works for all files only for the file with larger space screen

Hi @Youssef
You have to make changes in the selectors of the click. you have to include the That Name in the selector you can do it dynamically.

Buddy @Youssef

you were almost done
kindly change the attribute values of aaname and title with wildcards * like this
title = ‘*’
and for
aaname = ’ *’

and remove the tableCol = ‘2’ attribute buddy

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Youssef

Nothing changed :frowning:
Actually I am reading the names from excel so my selector is like this